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Kai walked through the museum looking at the old Brunnen G ships. The Insect technology was all asleep in stasis. There were only half a dozen of the small fighters left, but there was only one of the long range transport ships left alive. Most had been used till they died, and only a few were kept in the museum for posterity. Of those that had been put into stasis only these survived. Mechanical error increased over the years, and not many people now knew how to operate or even fix this technologies anymore. He stopped at one of the cases. Inside it was a sleeping long range transport ship. This one would work the best for getting to the moon the Time Prophet lived on.

He sat on a bench nearby and stared at it, thinking of a plan to wake it up and use it to go visit the Time Prophet. Now was his time to plan. He would have to go to the archives within the knowledge chambers where there may be a record of how to wake the ship up. Then, he though, he would have to run diagnostics to see if the insect ship was able to fly. He would also need to find instructions on flying the ship. To do all of this he’d need help, and a place to keep the ship where no one would find it.

Kai sighed and stood up. He should get on with his search in the archives. They were within the same complex as this museum. He made his way through the halls to the archives. Here he had a few choices, there were doors with symbols over them. He selected the one he recognized as standing for technology. He made his way to the rear of the room where there was another door. This door was marked for ancient technology.In this room were shelves upon shelves of books, and an old card catalogue took up the front wall. It would not be quick but he needed to find a book on the stasis chamber. After some time thumbing through the cards he found the one he was looking for. He then started down the stacks to where the books he was looking for should be.

Upon finding the symbol he was looking for he started to scan the books replacing the books he could not use. He gathered a few books that looked like they might have the information he needed. He then went back to the catalogue to find information on the ships.

. . .

He returned home the with ancient books he had found and placed them in his room. This study would take time. He sighed, this would be a good time for the door to show up. But knowing his luck he’d be stuck to doing this here.


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