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Birthdate:Jan 20

Kai: Brunnen G of Brunnus II Age 33, still young for his world. Stands about 6 foot tall with a slender but solid build. Has dark auburn hair almost black and hazel eyes. There is a tattoo on his right cheek symbolizing the journy his people took to the Light Universe from the Dark.

Already established in play that the food the Elders makes everyone eat is very bland and “safe” It has all the nutrients that a body needs, plus it’s germ free. The only germs to be found are the ones that are needed to proper digestion.


    • A younger sister about 30 years younger than him. Totally normal for his people as they are long lived and women don’t have to through the change if they don’t want to.

    • His parents are on the younger side of the Elders about 400 years respectively. Both born on Brunnus II.

    • Grandparents are about 1000 years or so they were also born on Brunnus II. Actually there is no one left from Brunnus I.

Society of the Brunnen G:

    • Took on aspects of conquered insect civilization.

      • Bun on head

      • style of clothing.

    • Base rest of society off the Celts.

      • could explain the color choices.

      • warrior aspect of society

      • naming schemes

      • family organizations and clans

        • Older single children residing with parents till marriage. And then sons usually staying within the clan complex.

        • Patriarchal society.

        • Clans headed by a headman of sorts. Head of the clans are part of a councilthat makes the big decisions. Elections are held every cycle of 10 years to appoint a new leader of the council.

    • Elders

      • have lost much memory due to the human brain’s inability to cope with such long lives.

      • As such very good record keeping.

      • are distrustful of the young especially the newborn.

      • Are also very paranoid about anything that could cause them ill.

        • viruses and other germs

        • injury

        • unhealthy food (Hence the food being gross)

        • This also explains why there isn’t much in the way of farming happening and the reliance on technology to produce nutrients.

      • Total reliance on ancient technology has cause a sort of blind faith in it. They are not willing to acknowledge the mechanical and code failure of said machines, especially the shield around their planet.

        • There are few who actually know how to work on them anymore. And these few are so old that they can barely remember how to maintain the machines. Hence what happened in IWHS.


    • Death for the Brunnen G of Kai’s time is a rare and sad occurrence.

    • the dead are entombed for a time in the cemetery building of the clan complex, usually far enough away as to not infect drinking water or people.

    • After enough time has passed, the family removes the bones and places them in pots that are in turn placed in a wall niche on the front of the cemetery building. This has evolved into the family wearing clean suites so as not to be contaminated with germs.

    • If the death is not immediate, the Elders use the Burst of Life tech to take the memories from the dying person.


    • Laws are strictly adhered to because there are harsh punishments. The harshest of which is to be sentenced to death by aging.

    • One of the strictest laws is never to breach the shields. This has lead to total isolationism and xenophobia.


    • Brunnen G believe that their consciousness or rather their souls come from a Dream Universe. This can be seen as coming from legends of an Other Wold. As the concept of Parallel Universes developed so did the canon of the Dream Universe. In other words Heaven. However, their search for eternal life can mean that only a few are believed to ever make it back to said Universe. As such, they are afraid of dying. They have no idea who will make it and who won’t. This probably lead to the fashioning of a way of life. Say, those who lived honorably and defended their home would end up in this Elysium.

KAI: Sometimes the life essence of a Brunnen G who died made it to the Dream Zone, the time and space from where our consciousness derives. It is where my life came from, and where I would like it to return, but it can never return there, until my body has properly died”

Onto us, the Supreme Being, the Creator Primus, set forth these Laws that they should govern the Dark Zone Universe:

1. There shall be no rubber-faced aliens.

2. All creatures possess a sense of humour.

3. There is no Prime Directive.

4. There are no life forms more intelligent than humans, unless and until such a life form does the requisite script writing.

5. All planets worth landing-on have human (or reasonably close) life forms.

6. All humans (or reasonable facsimiles) speak the same language.

7. Humans must physically travel to other locations. There shall be no time travel because it has been done before, and done before, and done before, and done before...

8. Technology will rarely work as advertised.

9. No one shall ever defeat an enemy because they are good shots and the enemy are bad shots.

10. Stanley Tweedle shall never lose his hat.

more to come.

Kai Last of the Brunnen G is from Lexx, and is the property of Salter Street Films.... I think. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, and [Unknown LJ tag] from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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